Monday, 13 December 2010

SeedlingsThat Will Grow on You. The Mother Does the Hard Part.

One of the Easiest plants to pot on, these seedlings are so easy why?

Because the hard bit is done by the mother, in so much as she grows them with roots and all at the end of her leaves.

then they will drop off the leaves and grow where they land.

or as I done in this case take em off and re pot, it so easy your children will love it. and enjoy watching them grow.

This is one of the trays I did this Saturday while pottering about my balcony garden.

This is the Mother plant.
Mother Plant with seedlings around leaf edges

These will make great present to give to your friends because they are really good house plant and will absorb lots of that nasty carbon dioxide that's floating around our houses.

thousand-mother-plantImage by Vilseskogen via Flickr
Close up of baby plants on the leaf edge

Some more infomation from around the blogs and other websites. enjoy.....

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