Monday, 20 December 2010

To Wax My Chest Or Not - The Art Of Mens Waxing.

Grey hairs not very nice

Well I'm 52 Years of Age and do not like the Grey Hairs that adorn my chest.

So it's come down to this, do I Wax or Not.
I have shaved my chest be4 and it looked OK, but they just grow back and sting as the hair grows.

But I have been told that Waxing is better and it removes the root of the hair? is this true?

This is a video i have been watching and it does not look as bad as I thought.

A comparison photo of a males chest waxingImage via Wikipedia
Half of Chest Waxed


1 comment:

gunsirit said...

I never waxed my chaest coz I don't have hair on it LOL..but it look neat without the hair.

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