Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year. For 2012

So close to the new year. I have spent the day house hunting. Today visits were to the Straitview Condo permas Jaya. Then it was to H. Hills. The Leisure Farms. Back to H. Hills golf and gateway developments. The best of the day was at Bayou water village at the Leisure farms. So nice to look out over the water to the fountain and clubhouse pool. Rm1.2 Mil.

So lets hope i find my dream home in 2012. In Johor Bahru. I just love living here. Until my next blog next year I wish you all the very best.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Scary Moments - Mia Goes Missing

Oh it was such a scary time when we could not find our dear Mia the cat, I am always so worried as we live on the 22nd floor if she managed to get out. So after 3 hours of worry and searching all over for her even the perimeter of the Condo just in case she jump after a bird.

Then we heard this almighty Yawn and stretching noises coming from below the piano keyboard.

Somehow she managed to squeeze herself in between the shelves of the piano books.

These are the pictures i took, I am so happy she is OK. the first pictures are mia and suki opening their christmas presents, they spent ages trying to get the ball out of the box.

Mia hiding

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Meal At Moet Grill Bar in Bukit Indah JB.

For a change we had nice meal with a difference. Not usual turkey meal. We went to the Moet Grill Bar in Bulit Indah.

Starter was : French onion soup.

Next course was: Spaghetti Carbonara.

Next: Chicken salad veg.

Next: Another coffee.

Next: Tiramisu cake Desert

All in all a very enjoyable start to Christmas.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Candy House at Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru 2011

This is the Candy house they have set up for the children at the thistle hotel in Johor Bahru, I really like this hotel as they always have the children in mind, they can just help themselves to candy, earlier this year they set up a Rabbit petting area on the way out to the pool it was so nice to see the children so excited when they give mr rabbit a nice cuddle.

It's the little things like this that makes this a great family hotel in Johor Bahru.
They also lower the ridge from top pool to the bottom pool so more water flowed down the slope giving the children(and adults) an easy slide down into the bottom pool.

Anyway right now the hotel is very busy which speaks for itself as they have good service and room prices that families can afford. Well done Thistle, and hope you have greater success in 2012.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wow Christmas Already

Cheer's everyone, I been so busy this last week, it was my aim to be in my new house by end of 2011 but with so many to choose from and so many more coming up, I found it very hard to make my mind up.

Then the ones I liked were to overpriced by speculators who are now trying to off load them before thing turn downwards for the property market, already the banks are tightening the loans they are given and now based on nett earning and not gross as was before.

I went over to horizon residence and found it was sold out apart from one unit that had its loan refused, and I really liked the thoughts of living their, but for one reason or another I am not ready to commit just yet.

Today found out that danga has condo unit coming up just passed the seiborg residence over at permas jaya area, south bay has one launching soon, seita has the 88 towers condo, then the twin towers, the seasons over lakin, just so many more. where is all the people coming from to pay for these units which I might add most are sold out before they come onto the market, in block. then I feel the speculators will panic and sell off their units cheap just to unload them and re-coop the cost.

Oh well I'll enjoy Christmas and New Year then start again in 2012.
I will eat drink and be merry, I hope no bad things happen in the world and we start 2012 off in a good manner. all the best to you all in blog land.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Casio WK8000 Keyboard Workstation - For Sale

Selling My Keyboard Casio WK8000

I decided to sell my keyboard because although it's full size 88 keys 

and sounds wonderful the truth is because it has so many gadgets 
on it, I find I am playing about with them more than practicing the

So I have put it up for sale at RM2700 neg, and then I will buy 

myself a Piano keyboard only nothing to distract me.

It's funny you know that the older I am getting the young I feel, 

after years I got the xbox out of its cobwebs box the other day 
and spent hours playing with it - I forgot just how much fun these
 things are.

but It also made me realize that gadgets are nothing more that 

time wasters and at the end, I had achieved nothing, and that 
how I sort of was on the keyboard by using the gadgets and 
sounds i was having fun but gaining nothing. at the end of the
 week I was not advancing at all on the song sheet i was meant 
to be completing.

so Hopefully changing over to the piano keyboard I will progress.

Also the above keyboard is fantastic it has an arranger on it 

and tons of things one can do, I used to spend ages just bending
 the sounds of instruments and loved it.

I have seen a nice Korg piano keyboard for sale in my local

 Music store and love it. Just right size 88keys but no fancy
 gadgets like my keyboard above So hopefully no distractions.

As one gets older it's harder to absorb the information 

and even harder to keep it stored so I need all the 
concentration I can muster.

This will make a great Christmas present I have all the 

original wrapping box,foam inserts, clear wrap and books.

I will even trow in the midi cables to connect to the p.c..

Friday, 9 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my Blog Readers.

Well only 16 days to go till Christmas and soon after we enter into 2012, and that alone is scary stuff, because it's letting me know I am getting older and need to make the most of the time I have left on this wonderful Planet we call earth, or in my case Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

So I'd like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas and very Special New Year.

Thank you for your support in 2011.

Sleepy Mia and Exposing Suki - Cats living a good life in JB

While watching a film on the TV I looked up and on top of the lounge seat was our Mia fast asleep, Not one bit interested in the film lol, that was until last picture when she sensed something not right lol.

I love my cats...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bacon and Egg Sandwich with a Twist.

Whats the twist I hear you say, well its simple but makes all the difference to the taste buds.

First i butter the bread - whole wheat then mix raw egg with chopped bacon salt pepper and herbs of your choice I used mixed variety, then once cooked spread on to bread, then a layer of cheddar cheese cut thin over top.

And this is the twist you then roll the bread and secure with tooth pick, all this time the oven has been heating up to around 220. you place them into the oven on a flat tray and baked for ten minuets.

Then take out and serve they are fantastic and so tasty.

Try them yourself - You know you want to now. - Let me know how you got on.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Why I love Living in Johor Bahru Malaysia

A friend just sent me this and while I think it's really funny, It sort of reminded me why I left the UK.

In the UK I was like an old man on crutches - My knees hurt my hands hurt when the weather got cold, which was a lot of the time, and life was not that good, My eyes were getting worse and if I took glasses off I was blind.

I come to live in Malaysia and after few weeks my knees were no longer paining me and I started to do sports again, something I really missed, I took up badminton, swimming I went to gym every morning and I lost lots of weight that I was carrying around, Then one night while having a meal with friends I was talking about how fed up I got when working out at the gym and the glasses kept sliding down my nose.

It was suggested i get my eyes looked at, and Optimax in city square was recommended, turns out I had cataracts in both eyes, no wonder I was finding it hard to see, but I thought it was and old mans problem. anyway cut the long story short I got them done and never looked back, My eyes are perfect now.

so upon seeing the photo above I thought oh wow I not going back to live in UK and my new home is Malaysia.

Funny thing is I even enjoy it here when it rains, and love the lightning and thunder I find it quite exciting and it's FREE.

Asia truly Malaysia.

Monday, 5 December 2011

R= Retail Heaven at The Johor Premier Outlets

Went to the Outlets this weekend after much Publicity, I was surprised to find it so hard to find as not one banner showing the way either from the motorway or from kulai, I know because I went round and round trying to find it, cars were even reversing back onto the motorway in efforts to find it.

But to be honest this was only a soft launch so maybe before they open on the 11th they will get it sorted out.

Ok these are the stores that are their.

Save the best till last lol.

It was a great day lots of sunshine, I was early thats why it looks quiet in the background.

The grounds of the place are really nice, and fountains all around. 

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