Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bio Filter Part 2 and Top Pond with Waterfall and Instalation on the Balcony

At last I have completed and installed the Bio Filter and second of the waterfall ponds.
OK so Part two is the making and fitting out of the bio filter pipework and media filter.

Extra tubes added to lift it from the bottom, this will allow any sediment to settle and not be pumped back up into the ponds.

This has now had it's second seal and will do two things, 1.Stop the fish flowing over to the bottom pool

2. allow me to put my two ducks on the flat ledge just to break down the sharp edges.

This is the filter media i m going to use to catch and break down any bacteria in the water as it flow up the bio filter.
Ha ha I know they just cheap pan scrubs, but why pay lots of money for filter media when this will do the job at a fraction of the cost.

5 x in a packet cost me only RM1.40cents.

This is deciding the best way to lay them to get the best water flow and catchment area covered

This is the format I chose in the end with one or two layers of the above to break up the flow in the bio filter.

as yo can see the lower basket is in place and filter media placed around the inlet tube, also notice I put on a hose adapter that will enable me to connect the pump hose and remove easy when needed,

Now about to place the flat layer across to break the pattern

This is one of the early pictures having set it all up

This is the top of the bio filter with its plants on top with the roots of the plant going down into the filter also some crystal filter rings. the water is injected into the centre of the bio filter forced out the bottom in a spiral motion up through the media pads and out through the outlet i made at the top.

this is then the start of the water falls

On top of the crystal rings i paced this spider plant

the flow from one to the other

this is the lower pond you can see the big pump with its jacket on to stop bits getting into the pump,
it's like a wash bag for undies and socks. but its cheap and does the job.

all i have to do then is take it off and spray it clean replace.

from lower angle, to give you the idea of its workings

Another angle.

now got plants around it and the ducks have arrived

this is a close up of the flow from one into the other.

I have the pump on a low setting as I don't want it to fast just enough so it circulates the ponds and has that nice sound of running water we all love.

On this one I have turned up the pump so you can see more water floweing

Another of increased water flow

this is close up of increased water flow, which i like so will leave at this setting now, when this flow reduces I know its time to clean out the pumps which will take about 20 mins.

But you get the idea now, small gardens, Balcony like mine, you can have wonderful water features in your home, that will make your life while outside more rewarding and relaxing.

The lower pond is a 30inch basin the upper pond is a 24 inch, and the upper bio is a large mop bucket with the top removed the cost for all the above was about rm50 , to get this same effect would cost around rm2000 from what i have seen around the garden centres,

So do it yourself and save yourself a lot of money.

Now all I got to do is put some more koi into the middle pond.

Once its established I shall post some more pictures and let you know how its doing with regards to keeping the water clear.


Anonymous said...

That is a very smart piece of work, young man!

John J Foster said...

Thanks Anonymous,

The water is super clear also, the only thing to do now is stop the waterfalls spashing, as i am having to top up one buket a day, (to much).

I have come up with a cross wire contraption that will defuse the water on its way down and cut out the splashing (I hope) I shall fit it tonight when the pump goes off and it should be set by the morning. then i can adjust and see if it works.

Ill post pictures later in week if it works.
thanks once again for your comments, nice to know people are at least reading my stuff.

regards John

CK said...

Hey John, you remind me of Macgyver, the guy who can can create nice and live-saving contraptions out of practically anything. just stumbled on your blog from google. how long you have been in JB ? I am from JB too.

John J Foster said...

Thanks CK for your comments, been JB now for five years and loved every day.

CK said...

Great to know that you are enjoying every day of your stay here in JB. keep writing in your blog. there are some stuff about JB that I never knew existed if you had not written about it. :)

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