Saturday, 1 January 2011

D I Y Bio Filter and Waterfall in the Making. Part 1

Beckett 7114310 Waterfall Pump 3500gph
waterfall pump
OK so I started the New year with my Bio filter project, I have been meaning to do this for a few weeks but with Christmas etc, just never got round to it.
First I'll explain what it is and why i need it, I have a small pond on the balcony with fish etc in it, and while it is running ok and not going green or cloudy It will be good for the fish and using natural plants to do the work of the filters with maybe one change a year.

how it will work. It will draw water via a pump from the lower pond up to the top of the bio filter then it will flow down into the unit, at the bottom it will split and rush out causing a spiral action in the tub, the water will rise up passing through filter media and plant roots once established and out via outlet just below the top of the tub, this will flow over to the waterfall into the top pond and out via overflow waterfall into the lower tank and the cycle will continue.
The action will also airinate the ponds and stop any chance of stagnant water.
Base of Bio Filter

base unit will cause water to shoot out in spiral action

placing base unit

how it will look - just needs a stand to hold it upright

added hose connector for ease of connecting the pump hose

top basket this will hold the plants at the top of unit roots will flow down into the bottom

Lower filter measuring for size of cut needed

cutting the side to enable fitting of lower unit

fits like a glove in the base

spiral connector in the base

needs a stand making so came up with this easy idea

glue two offcuts to the side to form the stand

space between for filter media, bottom connects to base

showing how it will connect to base spray unit

in place adde lower basket filter media then basket then pants

lower basket in plaace

pipe work glued and awaiting setting

perspecs cut and sealant tack in place once set will seal fully

the overflow in place need sealant up

filter pipe awaiting the pipe seal to harden

Well in Part two I shall be fully sealing the waterfall unit and installing the bio filter and media, then ill transfer the whole lot out onto the balcony and let you see it all in action. so come back to check how it turns out.

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