Monday, 10 January 2011

Fabric Steamer, Toying with the Idea to Get One - Need Input

SteamFast SF-407 1500-Watt Fabric Steamer

I do a lot of ironing and the other day saw one of these on offer at Jusco, and thought oh I wonder if they really work, in so much as saving me time.
After all in Malaysia so many things look good but do not deliver.( lots of copies).

But the one I saw was a phillips so should be good, I do lots of shirts etc but wonder what they would be like on jeans, pants etc.

Anyway if anyone has one or know of someone with one ask them, if they really any good. and leave me comment Please...


SteamFast SF-407 1500-Watt Fabric Steamer

Conair GS60 Deluxe Compact Fabric SteamerConair GS60 Deluxe Compact Fabric Steamer

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