Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Grand Performance In Johor Bahru - NOT!

At the Piano lesson this week the tutor rooms were full so we conducted our lessons out in the store on the baby grand piano.

It was great I loved it, but what i enjoyed most was the people as they passed would stop and stare at me playing. (This of course makes me nervous and I make mistakes because I too am nosey and wanted to look back at them lol).

This Piano was one I had not heard of before, it was called a Diapason and is a sister company of kawai I believe. The tone was wonderful. ha ha listen to me going on about tone, I am  learner and at the moment starting out from basics. In fact I put together a website called Playing piano for adults    

I did this because like me, there must be lots of older adults wanting to play the piano but don't, so I thought if I can do it, so can they, and try to inspire them to get on and do it.
Steinway concert grand piano, model D-274Image via Wikipedia
Steinway concert grand piano.

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