Friday, 14 January 2011

Living the Good Life In Johor Bahru

Time to Relax
Yes to me this is living the good life, all I need now is a nice Gin & Tonic served up to me at the pool.

I had just done a 2 hour work out in the gym followed by a 1/2 hour swim and now its time to relax by the pool and listen to some nice music.

Il Divo should do it for me.

At the moment the hotel is very quiet as the kids are back at school. so I got it all to myself in the early mornings, this photo was taken by me about 9 30am.

another angle taking in the pool behind me.

It's so easy now to take picture of oneself with the new iphone 4 as it has a reverse camera on it, whereas before I had to guess where the lens was aiming at.

Working out in the gym
The gym at the hotel is fantastic the lights give you a very relaxed environment to be in.

Oh well back to the pool it's a hard life but someone has to do it lol..

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