Saturday, 15 January 2011

Made some nice Bread with flax Seed This Morning

Loaf coated with Flax seeds

If you read my blog you will know I make bread on a regular basis, with this loaf I decided to coat in egg white and sprinkle with flax seeds.

I can tell you it made such a difference to the looks and taste. I recommend you try it, Bread is not hard to make but I have found that it's all down to the yeast, the fresher the yeast the better the bread.
Also I have found out how to test the yeast be4 i add to ingredients (saves on waste) In a jug have some tepid water and add yeast and sugar, it should start to work and foam up and bubble, if this does not happen don't use, In fact I have now stopped buying the tubs of dry yeast and use the small packets 11g size this gives the freshest dry you will get.

I never knew that adding salt at this stage will flatten the yeast, yet it says one option is to mix all dry ingredients to the bowl and add the tepid water.

But I love making the bread I can take out all or any aggression I have by punch the yeast about the bowl and slapping it, it's also fun. if your finger get coated with the stinky mixture just add flour to your hands and rub it will dry the mixture and allow you to remove it with ease from your hands.

Brown Flax Seeds.Image via Wikipedia
Flax seeds.


gunsirit said...

You are very resourceful, I could never do bread making. I can only cook rice and instant noodle..:))

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Great blog!

Can you share where we can buy poppy seeds in JB? I can't get any in Singapore :(

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