Friday, 14 January 2011

Making Orange and Poppy Seed Cake

mixed and ready for oven

Baking away

end result

Ye har! ready for eating
Orange Poppy Seed Cake was something I had been meaning to make since I saw the recipe online, and I am please to say it turn out really nice.

I used the usual sponge mix consisting of Sugar, butter, added the poppy seed after grinding them and the self raisin flour, mixed the lot with four Eggs and a hand blender with whisk on and away we go.


Anonymous said...

Can I have one of that please???!!!! Looks good, I'm hungry!

John J Foster said...

It was and I shared it out with the ladies at the gym and they said it was good also.

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Just wondering -- where did you buy the poppyseed from?

John J Foster said...

Hi I got the poppy seeds from the organic section in Jusco store Bukit Indah small bag cost rm10 only.

Not made it since but it was so nice..

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