Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mia and Suki - Box Playing in Johor Bahru is Such Fun for Them.

Both in the Box

This Box is not big enough for the two of us.

Get out then, yeah all to my self

Wait he's trying to get in, peeping Suki

Suki says How can I get her out of their.

Must be a side door to this thing.

No.. Guess have settle for this smaller place

But I would prefer the big box

As soon as she leaves I'm in.....

I'm not going anywhere, he he he.

I must say they give me great pleasure watching them play, I try to imagine what they are saying to each other and when they look to me for  help.

I have spent lots of RM on toys for the cats but nothing gives them more pleasure than the good old box.


gunsirit said...

I had a kitten given by a friend last week, I named him RONDOM meaning "the dark night" because he black all over. I had two dogs, Fluppy and Corner. Your cats are really cute. Are they a particular type of breed?

John J Foster said...

Love the names you choose, yes Suki is a Rag Doll Cross and Mia is a full long haired persian.
I would love to have dogs also but not allowed in Condo.

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