Friday, 14 January 2011

Wow 4 Days - No Web Access Due to WIZONE....

It felt like my hands were cut off not being able to get my fix, of Internet access, it just goes to show how dependant we have become on the Internet in our daily lives.
What made it worse for me was that the Server company WIZONE never told us they was having problems which made me keep checking if it was back on yet..

All they had to do was send us all an email to say they was having difficulties and would get it back up running as soon as possible.

But no that would be to easy - Instead they had me thinking it was my computer settings, so I tried other formats mac, window, iphone, and when all could not connect i knew something was wrong, the condo management put notice up then to advise of the problems.

Anyway that explains why no post for 4 days, Sorry blogers.

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