Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I want to dance says Mia

Had to share this from last night, Mia is such a wonderful cat and has real character.


Anonymous said...

Your cat is so gorgeous! How old is she please? Has she given birth? Can I adopt her babies please please please.

John J Foster said...

ha ha oh right, thank you for your comment, Mia is 1&1/2 years old now but wont have any babies as I had her spaded when she was 6 months old along with her sister Suki, my cat are house cats and never go outside so It was best to get them both done while young and they have been so adorable since.

They have been such good company for me. and I am one of those people who thought cats were only interested in them selves and don't interact with their owners, but both these cats have proved me wrong in so many ways.

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