Thursday, 24 February 2011

Master Baker at Work Again, in Johor Bahru

Today's batch I added some more Barm Cakes - these are great for making my cheese salad sandwiches.
One French loaf, one herb French loaf, barmcakes x 4
This will last me about 4 days, In this batch I used mixture of flours, white and whole wheat 2 to 1, I find gives me a real nice taste and extra body to the breads.


Anonymous said...

No wonder you are fat man, flours are no good and make you fat

John J Foster said...

ha ha love your directness, Fat me! - OK I agree in some ways but in thruth its not the bread that makes you fat it's what you put on it.

Thats why I make my own bread, I know exactly what goes into it, and I can tell you that it has no nasty additives or fats in fact the only fat i add is some olive oil 1 tablespoon.

I also add different things that are incrediably good for you like flax seed, whole wheat and bran in some breads.

But I just love bread, what can I say.

But thanks for your comment. John

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