Saturday, 26 February 2011

P1 Internet Update - How to Speed Up the Wifi Signal. D.I.Y

Hi you may remember earlier in the month I was unhappy about the constant unreliability of my service provider, and that I was going to change over to the P1 4.5mbps programme.

OK well I did this and the first two days it was fantastic then it slowed down, but was still far better than I had been getting, (in fairness to my other provider the cost is double)

So to save more money I decided to try the less 1.2mbps model, so under the 7 day trial i returned and got the new unit, used it five days and while not bad I had got used to the better speed of the 4.5mbps so took it back and resigned up to the 4.5 model.

I set it up and like most things with me I want the best I can out of the machine, in this case I am referring to the signal, I have to get the best i can so i went to their website and went to the page

then log in

You can use the following to log in
User name : admin
Password:    admin123

This will give you access to the information you need to locate the best place to locate your P1 Modem.

However I was only getting 1 bar connection and that's all i could get throughout my condo unit, So having accepted that - it's now important to get the best signal you can, then once you locate the best place, you then can take it one step further and enhance the signal even better by using nothing more that disposable baking trays and plates, as in these photo's,
The below increased my reading by 3 points to 9 and yellow signal showing on the laptop.

best i can get but gave me a speed test of 3.250mbps download, so I was happy with that - let's just hope it last.

I hope this works for you and helps you get better speed on your wifi.
laptop close by to keep eye on the signal while positioning of unit

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