Thursday, 3 February 2011

Valentine's Day? - It's a Day of celebration of Love and Romance.

Valentine Amore Romantic Gift Set - Bed of Roses Scented floating silk rose petals and tealight candlesThere are many ways to do it. You can simply look at her in a romantic way to let her know about your true feelings towards her, or you can touch her in a soft, lovely way! and the best is that you dont have to spend money to make her feel special.

I find that your partner will appreciate the work and thought you put into your Valentines Gift if you make or arrange it yourself.

An Evening With Il Divo-Live In Barcelona (CD/DVD)My Favourite was to make a Candle light meal for two. soft music, (ill Divo) and embrace the feelings that exploded back and forth from us both, you see this is the one night you really can express your undying love for the partner you have chosen to live with and spend the Good and Bad times together.

Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Far East Escape for Heaven's Sake Super Softening Oil to Cream Wash with Sake 6.4 fl oz (189 ml) Or you could just make a Home-made Spa. - This is good for the afternoon, and is as relaxing as they come so what you need is some flower petals, scented oils, the aroma oils are good with candle below to heat up the oil and give you scent flowing around the bathroom.

Of course some Zen music. I use the app for the iphone called Relax Melodies you can choose chimes Zen flute, pan pipes etc and its free.

RoseFeather Handmade Feather Roses - 6pc Gift BoxOf Course nothing will start the day off better than a bunch of scented roses arriving at the door

Again don't go mad - Just one rose can say much more to your loved one than a big bunch, because a rose is not only associated with love but is also able to fill their nose with it's exquisite fragrance.

So This year take the above and give your true Sweetheart the most memorable time ever. XXX

My Pillow Pet Red And White Valentine DogMy Pillow Pet Red And White Valentine Dog

Elmo's Valentine (Sesame Street) (A Chunky Book(R))Elmo's Valentine (Sesame Street) (A Chunky Book(R))


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