Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Air Asia Disastrous Website - Can not cope with demand, Shame really.

OK so i get this in my email as part of their enhanced service, and as usual you go onto the site and it has so many problems, internal errors show, and following their criteria for booking they are all booked up or not available.

So why do they bother - Surly the first thing they should do is get the website working be4 sending out these so called special offers, and wasting my time trying to get the deals they offer.

I should know really by now, In fact I went off Malaysian airlines for doing the same thing advertising so many great things only to get on the site and all gone this only 10 mins after the page went live how is this possible.
OK well I had my rant, I can relax now.

anyone else had this problem?
Air Asia 737 PK-AWC in KuchingImage by Simon_sees via Flickr

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