Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Contractors in Malaysia -Time Keeping Is Terrible

What is it about people in Malaysia and time keeping, and contractors are the worse I come across yet.

EG. had a leak from pipes above the ceiling two weeks ago the water found its way to the master bathroom door frame and leaked from its bottom into the bathroom.

Called contractor who came two days later, Oh Busy Lah!! Joke.
Identified it to pipes above the ceiling and turned one of them off and said come back next day if water stop he would know which pipe to work on. (made sense) but that was two weeks ago, So I sent SMS saying they was taking the urine and wanted it done asap.

Got a call to make myself available from 10am as they was coming to do the job.

I am sat here now typing this at 1.05pm and still no signs - No phone calls. Well they got till 2pm and I'm off out.

It really pisses me off when they don't have the decency to at least call to advise they running late and why.

Oh by the way I been without water to the main sink in the master bath all this time. but I thought well, it's not the end of the world, it is Malaysia after all, but wow they really do take it to the limit.

The only reason I allow them to call back is that they are the landlords contractors and not mine.
IF mine they only get one chance to be late and its bye bye, never use again.

Oh well let's see if they turn up be4 i go out.

Can anyone tell me, is this really the norm for Malaysian contractors? if so I am surprised they get any work.


Willk said...

it's not only happen at Malaysia but at Melbourne as well. Worst case, never turn up for the appointment and not call at all. Basically these case doesn't happen at Malaysia only.

John J Foster said...

Thanks for you comment, Finally they turn up and its not even my pipes at fault it was from the apartment above. so 2 weeks no water for nothing. Oh wow thought Melbourne would be much better. Going their for holiday soon.
regards John

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