Thursday, 10 March 2011

Feeling Weak - Morning Exercise was so Hard to Compleate

Does this look familiar to you the feeling of being weak, must admit it's not something I suffer from but this morning I got up a 5am as usual and about 7am set off to go to the gym and felt great.

Yet the moment I arrived at the gym I felt sluggish, the only thing I did differently was not have any breakfast. Just my usual warm water with fresh lemon juice to clear my insides.

Anyway I decided to carry on and set off on the treadmill for one hour, but after half hour I had had enough and got down, Next I got on the bike, and did half hour, then onto the Cross trainer but only managed 20 mins on this and gave up. Instead I went into the steam room for 20 mins into the Jacuzzi 10 mins shower and home.

Got home made my fresh brew coffee and had it with some tuna on french bread covered in a thin layer of grated cheese and sprinkled that with chili powder, popped it into the over for 20 mins and wow it was so tasty.
Ten mins after eating that I felt full of beans, So my question is? Can, not eating a small amount of cereal I usually have, make that sort of difference.

Oh well, I fed all my pets around 11am and was surprised to see another egg in the nest, not yet hatched, will leave it in for another day or two and remove if no action, this will give mother bird more time to attend to the three that have hatched. The daddy bird took seed from my hand this morning, this is a break through and show they are at last allowing me to get close.

These were wild birds when we got them and so have had to be patient and gentle with them, and let them work on there own terms. but mother not angry with me when i got my hand in cleaning the cage.
Ha ha Unlike BB & GG who would attack me when she had eggs in the nest.

OK well back to the glamorous life of an Expatriate and go do the ironing.

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