Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Johor Bahru Events Until End Dec 2011

Below are Monthly guides as to what's on in Johor Bahru.

These are Just a few of the events but I shall look for others and post as usual.
Enjoy Johor Bahru Events.


Johor Bahru Guy said...

Perhaps you would like to visit PIKOM PC Fair whch will be held on 4-6 March, at Level 1, Persada Johor International Convention Hall

John J Foster said...

Thanks for that JB GUY, It is already mentioned in the What's on Page but does no harm to repeat it.

Oh right you do the JB Cool website nice one I like the layout of it.
If you not seen this its all about Johor Bahru and good site to visit.

Johor Bahru Guy said...

I didn't realized about the post earlier.
Thank you for your compliment. Do visit the website again next time.

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