Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lovebird Babies

These are not my Lovebirds, But give you the idea of how they have to be fed and that the food has to be exactly 110 temp, Lucky for me at the moment my birds are doing a great job caring for her young. in feeding and cleaning of the breed box. but once they about two to three weeks old I may have to take over and separate them it all depend on daddy, and how he gets on with them.

Its a very exciting time and every day is wonderful to see them in the nest, the babys are still blind and head is to heavy for them to lift up but the way they roll about is so cute.

I will of course be putting up lots of videos and photos of them later, just now can not use flash light etc
Lovebirds on a perchImage via Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
How do they get the name lovebirds for these cute birds?-HStalker

John J Foster said...

Hi Hstalker,

True to their name, Lovebirds thrive on social interaction.

If you see lovebirds together they are always kissing each other, birds in love, eventually became lovebirds.

Have had and bred them for years I can concur that to be true.

However only get them in pairs unless you got the time to spend with them as they grow very close to the owners, hence my holidays are very rare longer than three days, or my bird Dawn would be so upset.

But thats the price worth paying when you own pets because you have a responsibility to care for them.

And in return I get so much pleasure just watching them play and interact, I have three lovebirds named Goth, greenie, and Baby Dawn.
I also have a budgie called Shakespeare.

wow such long reply ha ha bet you sorry you asked lol.

regards John J Foster

Anonymous said...

Hi John,I know you're going to reply a long answer coz from the blog you're obviously addicted to them :)).
Sounds like a lot of hard work but as you say ,the rewards are priceless.
Hey,by the way having pets like that in your home,do they produce unpleasant smell?
-BZbody(obviously LOL)

John J Foster said...

ha ha , Well shit is shit and it does smell yes but if like me you clean the cages daily and cats have carbon litter in their trays, so gives little or no smell then its not a problem.

and no one visiting yet has mentioned smells.

But if it was left more than 2- or 3 days then id say yes you would notice a smell on entering the home.


John J Foster

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