Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Rearanged the Balcony layout and Added some New Plants

 I spent about 2 hours this morning weeding and cutting back my plants, I am amazed how I have amassed so many over the years.

I pull and divide every year so one becomes two and up to now all have survived.

The Budgie just loves it here except when the lightning starts then I move him inside. but he sing all the time and now mimics so with practice and time I should have him talking soon. 

In this one it looks very over crowed out their but believe me its just the angle, I was sat way back at my desk when I took it.

This one i cut it down to the pond area. with all the plants around it now it looks so natural and I just love the sounds it makes. I now leave it running 24/7. I find the bio filter works better when it running all the time and the water quality is so clear.  so its working.

I was a bit worried when I moved into the Condo as i Have always lived in a house with big garden and thought I'd miss the pottering about I used to do but its surprising what you can get on these balconies as they are so big.

To the right I have a big table and chairs. So The answer is No I am still happy having my Garden up in the Sky. One thing I don't miss is the slug eating my flower heads like back in the UK

Detail of a Common Hawkweed flower (Hieracium ...Image via Wikipedia

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