Saturday, 5 March 2011

Telling Children Stories - These Kids appear to Like it.

I was working on-line building a website, when I came across this guy telling kids a story about a girl with red hair.

In this clip the camera moves around the children's faces and you can see that they are in fact really interested in his story (and so was I if the truth be know).

If I sound surprised then you are right, I thought that if it was not on a laptop or computer screen, the children of today would not be interested.

Just shows how wrong I was. See for your self....

Orange Hair in the Wilderness | Teaser from Dave Sage on Vimeo.


sya said...

I've stumbled across your blog before, when I was searching for music shop in JB and found an entry on the yamaha shop in Jusco Tebrau City. Tried finding that entry again, but i couldnt. Anyway,point is, I wanna ask if you had ever played keyboard before, and ur opinion or buying tips for a beginner interested in buying keyboard.

p.s: Sorry for leaving a comment on an unrelated entry, but i really couldnt find that entry i was looking for.

John J Foster said...

Sya, No problems any comment is a good comment, OK well their are lots of shops for pianos in JB. contact me at and I'll give you list of shops I have used and bought from and info on a keyboard I have for sale that may be what you are looking for.

Regards John

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