Sunday, 10 April 2011

Daddy with Daddy - First Time Holding Daddy

This is the first time of me holding Daddy in my hand, I have been working on him for the last 6 weeks using a glove as he was a biter and slowly but surely over time I have removed the glove and he is now OK with me.

The thing I find when training the birds is quietness around you, because any unusual noises that they don't like can be associated with you holding them, so this is to be avoided.

The time the bird spends on your hand must be one of feeling safe and relaxed, with lots of tickles and chat. I find that talking to them like you would a human baby, you know what I mean that silly voice high pitched voice we all use when talking to babies. Goes down well ( Just don't get caught by your friends or you will not live it down, trust me they still take the mickey out of me).

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