Wednesday, 6 April 2011

My Computer Blew Up In The Storm

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Power Supply Unit for my desk top.
OK I found out something interesting today, but first I"ll start with the other night of the storm in johor bahru.
It was totally unexpected the night even had a wonderful sunset. but the night was far from wonderful, as most of it I was up Mopping the floors of water, but unbeknown to me thing
were afoot in my desktop computer.

It was the next day the night after as they say in story books. that I realised my computer would not turn on, so being my usual self when thing stop working I take em apart and try to fix them myself.

This was an easy one really because there was no power reading at the mother board so that led me to the psu(power supply unit) box. and on opening that found a fuse had blown, but not just turned black like they do this one had exploded and the board burnt.

So strange I never heard a thing during the night when it happened. So Lucky for me I thought the computer expo was on at persanda centre, so off I went only to be disappointed as none had it in stock. (they had other but all over rm150 to much for me) as I know I can get em under RM50 at Danga city Mall 3rd floor.

And that's what i did with discount got it RM45. We love discount in Johor Bahru.
Oh the thing that was interesting was that when i connected the power lead to the motherboard, it being the motherboard has a light on it. this then showed me something i never knew. - When you turn your computer off - shut down everything regarding power light etc turn off and all is silent, but with the box open i saw that the mother board was in fact still getting power from the psu. Well this has been going on for three years so no wonder something had to blow. So Now not only do I turn off the pc and monitor I also turn off at the plug switches. Doing this I can confirm all power light inside the computer go out.

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