Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Pets Day Today - Followed by Chili and Red Wine

Today was spent playing and cleaning the pets areas,

the birds I let out for a fly around while I cleaned the cages.

the cats I made a play area made of cardboard boxes etc so they could play while I did their room. then I set about the fish tanks and also went out and got some new Nemos for the marine tank.

It has been a long but fun day, I just love playing with the pets as they do things so amazing they make me laugh so much.

So right now as I look around they are all quiet and resting while I do this blog.

In a moment I'm off to feed my face and refuel my tired body. but I shall be eating in and cooking up some nice chilli-con-carne served on flat breads with salad and red wine.
Home made Chili con CarneImage by JaBB via Flickr
Ingredients for Chili con CarneImage via Wikipedia
Ingredients for chili


linziana said...

hey there.. :) ur cat looks so cute. i got cat as well to be accurate i got 8 cats in total.rescued them form the street before.huhu..

by the way nice blog. :)

John J Foster said...

wow! 8 cats - How nice to hear you rescued them, You know I was not a cat lover when I lived in the UK.
I always thoughts cats had no love to give us humans and just used us as a food depot, How wrong I was, I live in condo so can not have dogs, cats were my choice and so glad they are wonderful pets and so loving.
the Persian one more that the rag doll short hair. But Now I feel I will always have cats to care for in the future.

ha ha I'm just a pet lover full stop, as I got birds fish cats and if I move to land property dogs as well.
hey thanks for your comments Linziana it give me knowledge that at least one person is reading this blog.

linziana said...

Hi John..yes..actually i swore to myself i am not going to take care of any animals as i am always on the go person.I worked on site usually but when i saw poor kitten nearly drown in the drain i just cant stand it by watching her i went to rescue her.Her name is kitty.hehehehe.Followed by inky the male cat that got his back leg injured because of the car hit him..and the list is continues...

Speaking about persian cats..u wont believed my mom got approximately 30 persian cats at home.hehehe..bless her.Overall our family has turned out to be cat lover . :)
(Thanks for visiting my blog dear john.nice meeting u :) )

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