Saturday, 2 April 2011

Rain Storm Hits Johor Bahru Last Night

Last nights Rain Storm over JB.
The Condo I live in was battered so much that rain was forced in all the windows and about 5am I was running around with mop and bukit, towels anything that would help stem the flow of water ingress.

My Balcony was like a war zone with plants tip over and one amazingly turn upside-down very strange.

It don't happen this bad very often but i bet people who were not at home and left windows slightly open for ventilation will regret on their arrival home as it will be flooded, the rain was so powerful. and I noticed from different windows it was moving both horizontal and vertical at the same time, go figure that one out.

So let me know who eles got caught out by the flash storm last night..... Leave comment please....
Convective precipitationImage via Wikipedia
how rain is made

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