Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Morning Jog in the Istana Gardens of Johor Bahru

This morning around 7am got ready to go for a jog/walk in the Istana Gardens of Johor Bahru, and got the surprise of my life when i got their.

The surprise was that the car park was nearly full, so many families out walking that early it was so nice to see.

The sprawling garden within the compound of the Grand Palace is often ignored or hastily covered on most tour itineraries. Much is missed. Extending over an area the size of five football fields, the grounds are carefully landscaped and regularly maintained. Besides second-to-none panoramic views of the Johor Straits, palm-lined driveways and manicured lawns make for a refreshing afternoon stroll or some casual cycling. Further inside, away from the seafront, a worn and disused bungalow nestled amidst dense vegetation provides an interesting architectural sight reminiscent of the "White Rajah" era.
  • Admission Charge: Free.
  • Views over the Sea: Free
  • Seeing Families out keeping Fit Together: Priceless. 

Sultan palace in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)Image via Wikipedia
One of the many Nice Buildings you can See from the Istana Gardens

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