Sunday, 10 April 2011

Washing Machine Electrolux EWT705 - New Purchase

This is the New Washer I got over the weekend and over the next week will be putting it through it's paces.

On first glance I liked the clean lines and easy to you top display panel, I also like the glass top lid.

One of the reasons I got this was its no tangle promise (yet to be tested) as I hate it when I do my washing then spend ages trying to untangle the sleeves of the shirts from the other garments.

Also another neat feature is the Eco rinse, I say this because for me I have to make sure all the detergent is gone from the clothes and have always done another rinse once the wash was finished

Up to now it's been doing my head in by the way this machine has to be setup, it goes against logic, let me explain. The Drain hose on any other machine is at the lowest point on the machine to make sure that all the water is gone and fully drained, however on this one although it is positioned at the bottom you have to run the drain tube higher than then machine before you return the tube to the down direction. This not only means ugly hose showing but you have to go out and buy another tube to run it into the waste drain.

I have yet to use a spirit level on the machine to make sure it has a balanced spin, and I don't spend time holding the machine to stop it moving all over the place.

Tech Details....

Capacity (kg):
7 Kg

Spin Speed (RPM):
850 RPM

Washing Technology:

Drive System:Stabilized Belt-Driven

Self-clean function:
Clean Me function with removable lint filter in core

Rinse Option:
Extra / Deep / ECO Rinse

Water Control:

User Interface:Program Dial with LED

Washing Program:
12 Programs

Washing Preference:
Soaking / Delay Start

In the coming weeks I shall return to this blog with a review about the machine and how I find it, this will help anyone else who may be thinking about buying the machine with someone else's point of view (that of someone who is already using it in a daily setting).

UPDATE Mon 18thApril. 2011

OK I am pleased to report that this washing machine is really really good, no more struggling to unravel the washing after the cycle is done.

The use of the machine is simplicity itself, it uses less water when rinsing and no residue left on the clothes.

The spin cycle is strong but done in stages so not to crease the clothes to much, and it works.

My Recommended score is a good 8 out of 10

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