Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Avillion Resort in Port Dickson, El Cactus Restaurant

Last week we had a trip up to the Avillion Resort, and wow it was really nice. the layout is spectacular, the beaches were great. and the pool areas so relaxing.

The villas are over the sea and even have glass floors to look down into the sea.
They are very spacious with four poster beds and open roof showers.

the bars are well stocked and the food is great, the have nice restaurant overlooking the big pool and the food was great.

 Restaurant just behind me,

 Just outside the resort to the left about 5 mins in car is the Restaurant El Cactus, we went around 6pm and have a great steak meal and seafood meal. also beer was served in the jug and all in all it was great night.
the owner is from the UK and give the night a great lift.

Recommend the steak meal so tender but tasty.

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