Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Marine Tank Clean Up. - Removal and cleaning of the tanks rocks.

Supprised looking OctopusImage via Wikipedia
Well today after I got back from the gym and swim I decided it was time to set about cleaning the Marine tank, you see for days now the rocks have been covered in red fungi and while it looked good It could not continue as it will eventually foul the water as it smothers the rock of life.

I was surprised by how many living creatures were living in the rock, I of course made up a batch of clean salt water to scrub the rocks and i found mussel like shells and clam type things, which I just plopped back into the tank.

I then set about removing the creatures that grew out of the bottom of the rocks and went in search of food and fish in some case to eat. like long snakes covered in the sand from the bottom of the tank.
Like panning for gold. took ages but well worth it. the sand looks so nice again.

Ok well to put the rocks back in and let the tank settle.
Rocks after clean

another angle of tank lots more hiding places now.

tropical Lizard and Cichlid tank - Sleeping now lol

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