Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Sky Lit Up Over Johor Bahru Last Night

Not from last night, Just to give Idea of Intensity

What a night! the sky lit up so brightly, Intensely bright to be honest, as it lit every room in the house on each flash.
This was not like the lightning in the picture but sheet lightning that spaned the big open skies above us and the time between the lightning and thunder was about 1 min so the eye of the storm was far away.
I just could not get back to sleep once it got going around 2am.

At one stage it got so bad I was worried about my pet birds, cats and even the fish on the balcony as my koi get scared and jump out of pond.

But the animals were OK. but all wide awake fact my cat suki had her paws over her eyes it was so cute, I went for camera but on my return she was climbing the tree-house in her room.
Mia the Persian cat was on her back looking up at the flashes but not a care in the world, she is one chilled out cat.

 The Lovebirds were also not to bothered and were playing on their ropes, normally they asleep till about 7am but 3am they were wide awake playing.

OK well it's fair to say with not getting much sleep I never made it to the gym this morning.

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