Monday, 16 May 2011

Updates for my previous blogs

Morning all,

Well I thought I would post some updates of previous post, let you know how they are now,

First up is the

Bio Filter, this project was without one of the best things i done, the water in both ponds are crystal clear.

Washing Machine, This was a great buy, the clothes never get tangled in the tub and the towels are much softer than be4.

Cat Grass, This was ok for the first growth but once it used it does not regrow so you have renew the seeds each time. Not really that worth it, having said that my cat Suki loved it, Mia the Persian hated it

Love Birds. Well Mother is at it again this time 5 eggs are being sat upon, Bingo and Bongo the survives of the last lot are doing great and will be old enough to sell next week, they are now weaned onto solid foods.

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