Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bingo n Bongo (Love birds) get adventurous around the house.

 This is Bingo n Bongo out and about, they just love to be near me when i'm working at my desk, of course you have to watch them all the time they are out or they will go anywhere, and eat anything or chew anything I should say,

I just can not work because they are so cute - I just have to watch them as they play together, learning all about their environment.

My birds (actually these are sold, owner picking up this week)have the freedom of the main living room, from 10am till 12 noon each day. and they just love it.

They are now like teenagers and getting to the stage where they test you, you say "come here, step up" and they look at you and fly away.
The trick is not to let them see it bothers you or you lose control.
Just like real kids testing their parent as to just how they can push them.

The birds true colours are now starting to show through and I am really pleased with them as they have predominantly the fathers colour but the mothers head and both have the orange chest.

They kida remind of the robin red breast bird, but much more colour around the tail feathers.

If anyone asked to recommend a pet to et for the family I would recommend Love birds

I hope the new family who are getting these two soon will be extremely happy with them. and have lots of fun as we have so far.

I shall be sad to see them leave but mother is sat on another 5 eggs, so have no choice but to let them go.

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