Sunday, 19 June 2011

Diet Programme Working, Lost 1kg John J Foster

Morning Blogger's, As you know if you have been reading my blog, I started on a weight loss programme on the 11th June (detail can found here - - and well Just to let you all know its working great, and I not felt hungry once.

However I must point out that I had problems over the first two days - Not having caffeine in the morning was not good idea for me, you see I have about 5 cups of fresh brew coffee everyday and giving it up suddenly gave me head aches, Yeah Headaches!! Me who never gets them,.

So I decided not to be silly and at least have one cup first thing in the morning with my protein bar, and it worked no more headaches.

Even at the gym they noticed a difference in the two days, first they said I was not my cheery self, and the second day after having my coffee, they said i was back to being a  happy john.

High Protein bar I have each morning.

ADDICTIVE TO COFFEE, WOW!! I never realised I had got to like it so much my body would react to not having it, So blogger's remember when you use a diet, don't follow it to the letter, adjust to your needs, like me just having the one coffee satisfies my caffeine needs with no pain

Anyway the result are clearly showing, already lost 1kg in one week, This may sound a lot to lose in one week and i agree but this diet in the first two weeks  is set up to flush the body of all its crap out of the system, so you go to toilet a lot, both No1 & 2. then week 3&4 starts your body fresh by introducing other ingredients into the programme.

Unlimited Meats and eggs,berries and leaf greens, Alcohol - oh yeah I can have my one glass of red wine with my meal, so this programme is good as it rewards your hard work in weeks one and two. anyway you can see the full diet programme above link.

OK well it;s swim time down at the pool - I am also trying out some new fitness programmes in the water using the water to give me Resistance etc, more on this once I have perfected the exercises hint it's like tai chi in water, slow movements but more resistance so more benefit and exercising in water is better for the body. Who knows I may even start a new trend.

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