Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Living the Good life has its Perks in Johor Bahru

Oh Today has gone so good already and its only 11.30 am, I started off at 6.30 in the gym and did some circuit training, using thte cardio machines and then onto the weight machines.

I did three time around and was knackered so went out to the pool and had relaxing swim, then did more training in the pool, after this i got out and lazed away on the pool side lounge chairs with nice hotel fluffy towels on them, always feel so nice on my skin. sort of cuddly if that makes sense to you.

I like to listen to piano music while relaxing and usually use the apple podcast service to download them. they are so relaxing, It also inspires me when i get home to try and play what i just heard.( no where near as good) but its all practice, and that's a good thing when learning the piano.(see my other blog piano playing for adults, listed on left column).

About 10am I went for my Facial and once again some nice piano music while the ladies finger got to work on my manly features.

I enjoy these but some how they always manage to get it in my hair, and once dried its a pain to get out. but that;s minor to the benefits I feel.

Tomorrow I may got get a manicure and pedicure in Holiday plaza, this is another of my luxuries as I just love people touching my feet, it actually puts me to sleep i feel so relaxed while they rub them.

Right now I am sitting down to eat my one meal for the day as part of my healthy eating programme i am on, and the aim is to lose about 4 - 6 KG in 6 weeks. wish me luck.

I'm 53 but like to take care of my body as it's got to look after me as i get older, one of the things i am working on in preparation for my old age is the core of my body, I am slowly working it into shape, for it's the core of the body that help stabilise you and hopefully stop me falling over.


Anonymous said...

Wow..Man of leisure.Can't wait for my retirement days..

John J Foster said...

Ha ha I am lucky to retire early while have my health, thats why I am looking forward to finding my landed property so I can get stuck into making it a place for people to come and enjoy the animals and creams teas.

And what a great place to retire JB I love it.

thanks for your comments

John J Foster

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