Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Monkey Scares Children Playing in the Swimming Pool in Johor Bahruu

Today while swimming down at the Condominium Pool I was amused by the screams of the children in the pool, and when i looked in the direction they were all looking I saw IT,

A Monkey as bold as Brass throwing fruits from the palm trees at the pool and splashing the kids, they found it great amusement also, but I was a bit scared of it scratching them so told them to move back if it goes towards them.

It was jumping onto the trees and shaking the branches then climbing back down to retrieve its treasures.

all in all I was surprised to see it but at the same time excited, the funny thing was every time i went towards it to take its photo it kept running away from me. I gave up but later when on my balcony saw it down on the rooftops of the bungalows below me, these r the pictures I got.

Making its way over roof tops

This was a few moment be4 its owner caught him with obviously its favourite food.

And apart from this exciting event I also had a great swim and relax on my usual Sunday Swim.

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