Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Parking Ticket - I got 50% Discount - You got to LOVE Malaysia.

ha ha This morning I went down to the Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru To pay my parking ticket RM30 and was surprised when they only ask me for RM15, when i enquired why? the nice lady said 50% Discount sir, Only in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Er, well in Penang I wrote to the police to dispute a parking ticket. They wrote back (in Malay) and said they wanted the money, being RM30, and wouldn't give a discount. I paid, as my wife insisted. And then two policemen came around to impound my car - who I sent on their way as they had no appropriate paperwork, and I figured it was my car, not theirs. Later I received another letter demanding payment - but when I checked their computer showed payment. It's revenue raising, but the system seems a shambles.


John J Foster said...

Ian you are right about it being revenue raising, but to me it just shows that the present system is not effective,

Of course I wont say I was not happy to get discount but agree they should tackle the non payments more effective.

Thanks for your comment

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