Monday, 27 June 2011

Things Move Slow in Malaysia, Bathroom leak 6 weeks to be fixed.

Yes you read it right 6 weeks, I reported it to the landlord, within 24hrs a team arrived to check it out with promises it would be sorted out, After 5 weeks of nothing I told em that fix it now or I find somewhere else to live. 4 days later the Plimbers are here knocking walls down to get to the leaking pipe.

This would have been sorted the next day at the latest in the UK.

But I live in Malaysia now and have to get used to the ways of the land or pull hair out lol (what I got left that is).

But I actually like the life in Malaysia, it's so laid back, and that's what I have become used to, Singapore was to fast for me, people rushing all over the place with no time for chats, Here in Johor Bahru, even complete strangers have time for a chat.

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