Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bonding With The Baby

Well today I spent time Bonding with the baby love bird Dawn, She is responding so good after mother abandon them, I thought she was feeding them but was sad to find that only dawn had survived. So I removed her and am now hand feeding and helping her grow into an affectionate little Love-bird.

The following pictures are of Dawn and I bonding in relax mode, this is around 8am and I not even shaved yet, but she just run up my chest and cuddled into my neck.

So this I will carry on now and until she weans, I have decided I will not be selling Dawn as she is so special to me now. and with tender loving care and Gods will she will grow up strong and healthy.
all the other birds are doing great and having a ball as I type this on the play area outside their cages.

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