Thursday, 28 July 2011

Climbing Mount Kinabalu and Orangutan Visit to Borneo

Reflections of Eden: My Years with the Orangutans of BorneoOff to Kota Kinabalu in October and one of the thing's I am thinking of doing is the climb to peak of the mountain, as part of a tour. and also visit the hot-springs.

One of the things I want to do the most is to see the orange orangutans in natural setting, or at least natural park reserve in the area they are from.

They always look so clumsy an yet they are so caring with the young ones.

Borneo Orangutans are the ones we shall go see.

Once this species roamed over thousands of miles across the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Today they survive only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra . Their home is in beautiful, lush rainforest, and shared by many other endangered species, like tigers and rhinos. This forest is crossed with large rivers and has the greatest number of species of trees, birds and animals per acre of almost anyplace in the world. The treasures of this forest are hard to estimate since they are so precious and numerous. Many different species of plants and animals have yet to be discovered there.

Also take in a river safari. The boat is a traditional Klotok wooden river boat about 12m by 2.5m with roof upper deck where you can view the rain forest as it glides by.

Sound like we shall be going back in time, but what a lovely adventure I hope it will be.

The below link is where you can see videos and get more information.

and of course the Sabah tourist website..

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