Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day Out In Kluang, Johor

Decided to go for day trip out to Kluang, The trip is about hour and half drive from JB and its worth it for the food alone,

Today for Lunch we went to the Canton Express, Top Class Roasts dishes in the Mall lower ground, you can eat inside or out on their balcony(not recommended - as it overlooks the busy road, but OK if just having coffee or tea.). However the food was so good.

We then had walk around the stores and got a pair of sunglasses Ray Ban carbon fibre Rm 700 over but got for rm500over lah They are so light and great at reducing glare from headlights, they are Polaroid and have a  scratch coating on the lens, all in all, a great deal and I am very happy.

It was about 3pm now and my tummy tells me it wants feeding lol. so we  went to Secret Recipe for the offer of buy cheese cake and get coffee free. RM 7.50 total cost. for one

I had the Orio cheesecake and flat white coffee both were excellent.

Then more shopping then about 5pm I felt hungry ha ha again, and headed down to our favorite restaurant in Kluang Barney's Restaurant, the food here is really good, and they are good for families as they have lots of offers on, Plus the specials board some great dishes.

I as alway just go for the Tenderloin Steaks, they always taste so good and no fat. but with nice marble before they cook it.
Great Steak Meal..

Then we headed home to Johor Bahru arriving back around 7pm
All in All we once again had a great day out in KLUANG JOHOR.

Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm. Closed on Monday.

Popular choices at Barney´s include fish ´n chips, grilled lamb chops, tenderloin steak with black-pepper sauce and Barney´s Cordon Gold, which is made of chicken salami, cheese and pineapple wrapped in tender boneless chicken breast and deepfried before being sliced and served with salsa sauce.

No pork products are used at Barney´s. Tel: 07-774 4992

This is link to our trip up Christmas Day 2010.

The atmosphere was fantastic, see the pictures etc it was great start to the festive season for us.

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