Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Balcony Garden 22 floors Up Overlooking Johor Bahru

Just planted out some Snap Dragon Seeds (Antirrhinum Majus). and thought time to take some up to date photos of my garden in the sky (so to speak).

It's amazing just what you can get onto a balcony if you put your mind to it.

I have table(large) 2x arm chairs 1 x stool, two ponds setup with waterfall, 1 x Bio Filter, keeps water clean, (home made) see links how to make it yourself.

Container plants of all sizes, most of the plants, I grown on and repot plus split them to give more plants. some are the stems of pineapples i twist off and root them plant out, aloha vera, and lots of spider plants, but the best is lots of the scented Jasmine, different varieties so-we get smells through-out the year, right now its so strong at night we just love it.

ok the picture enjoy.

seeds in place

sheltered area for seeds to grow

dining area of balcony

left of balcony

looking out over JB

JB and Singapore in background

water feature 
jasmine about to bloom

just opening the smell so nice

sun flowers 

water feature bio filter at back with plant in the top

view to Nusajaya on dull day

Swimming pool under renovation tennis courts done.


Anonymous said...

Are the sunflowers real ones??

John J Foster said...
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John J Foster said...

Hi Anon....

No Not real but Silk, better to pay more for silk ones because when they get wet they droop like real one and when sun hit them they dry out and spring back up.

so cool.

I love sun flowers but they grow to high and not suitable for the space i got.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,since you love nature a lot,you should stay in a house with compounds and not condos..Then you can plant sunflowers as high as you like :)

John J Foster said...

I Agree and I am looking for the right property with big land area, so much I want to grow and as a pet lover also I want what could really be called a small farm. with lots of animals and once organized, I will open it up to family to come (free of charge) and enjoy the pets and have afternoon teas. sample my excellent scones with jam and fresh cream.

I may have to look further out as I have not found anything in JB that fits the bill yet.

thanks for your comments

John J Foster

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