Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bingo & Bongo Sold

Hi Readers my dear Bingo & Bongo have been sold and collected by the new owner.
The new owner is a pet lover and has his own farm with lots of pets.
His website blog for you to see.

here you will see Bingo Bongo about to settle into their new home with Akmal.

This is Bingo/Bongo, Saying goodbye to Mummy and Daddy, it was so sad to see them go.

But great things in this life should be shared with others and I am sure who ever is lucky enough to meet Bingo/Bongo can not help but fall into love with them.

I used to let them out in the morning and watch the way they played together and teased each other like children growing up, if one found a ground nut to break open the other would soon be over to claim the prize, and thats when the fun starts lol.

I clipped the wings once they were happy and able to fly around, not to be cruel but to save them from hurting themselves and of course it's good practice when training them. as they are more reliant on you, although the wings are clipped they can still fly but only down and not gain height. this is good because it means they can land safe without hurting themselves while at the same time not gaining height to fly away.

I personally prefer them not to be clipped once you have them trained as it gives them more confidence and ability to come over to you in the room when they want and fly back when they get board of me.

it's all about sharing life with my pets, and like their new owner it's also about giving equal time to all your pets so they feel loved and cared for.

Well Farewell Bingo and Bongo you have made so many people happy already, see blog entries below for more of this pair of LoveBirds from Johor Bahru. Malaysia.

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