Friday, 5 August 2011

Dawn the Lovebird Survivor is Getting Big and Strong Now.

 Dawn as of 2pm today, this is her look to tell me she wants feeding. then if I show no response she will move to my hand and start to peck and flap wings.
 moving closer to make her point,
OK you asked for it, Getting ready to charge at my hand.

But don't be alarmed its all in good fun when she arrives at the hand she give me a few kisses. maybe when older it will be pecks.

She has come on so much, we never thought she would see the night out. but a good feed warm bed for the night and she has not looked back.

I hand feed her every four hours, like a normal baby, but after this week I shall be weaning her onto the solid foods and seeds.

already she like to play with the sesame seeds, and ground nuts, but once she learns how to crack them she will be off. enjoying the foods, I manly feed my birds veg of all kinds except onion and uncooked potatoes. and they just love the variety even hot chili peppers they love.

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