Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dawn My Lovebird Baby Moves Into Weaning Cage.

This is now moving on into the third week of her life, and boy has she come a long way.

Although I have put her into the weaning cage I am of course still hand feeding her at set times, but have cut it down from 4 times a day to only three times a day. for this week then down to two and so on until she no long wants my service lol.

In the weaning cage you will notice that most things have been lowered to near the ground this is to give her chance to move around her cage and as in the video when she nearly falls off, she will not hurt herself.

Video of Dawn in new cage.

Mummy and Daddy

Mummy and Daddy

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Duncan D. Horne said...

That's one beautiful bird! Very exotic...

Duncan In Kuantan

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