Friday, 19 August 2011

Exercise Ball Or Office Chair to Sit on while at the Computer.

OK here's the deal I spend so much time at my computer updating my blogs and websites that i often get aches and pains, then i was told about using an exercise ball at the desk instead of the chair.

For one you use about 20 muscles around the core just to stabilize yourself so you get a core work out while working at the desk - How cool is that, also i have set a timer for every hour to remind me to take a break and do 10 sit up on the ball so over the day Ill do about 8- sit ups. OK OK you fit lots out their I know its not a lot for you but for me its massive as I hate doing them in the first place, but on the ball I find its so easy to do them. and quick.

OK well today is my first day so I'll update you as time goes on.

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