Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Having A Bad Morning in Johor Bahru

Went to Gym about 7am only to find it closed, so thought staff was running late and went for swim, after an hour gone and he not shown, I asked pool boy who told me gym closed today.

Of course I know its holiday in Malaysia but I was told last week gym was open all through the holiday period.

Then to top it all off, I was charged RM3 to get out of the car park because ticket has not got a chop from gym.(ha ha sometimes you just have to laugh).

I then thought oh it's early ill pop over to bukit indah juscos and see what early morning traffic was like on the new road, zerooooooooooo just me, so get to shopping mall its closed, spotted mc donalds and went in for coffee, used Internet till around 9 50 then went over to mall, Still closed.
guard said "opens 10 am Sir". So I spotted staff going in side door and followed as I needed toilet, and thought well by time i finish in toilet store will be open.

One of the reasons for going was to get some toner from the Skinfood Shop. and guess what, - They had run out.

So I thought not all is lost i go do shopping but when I got to juscos section of the mall its closed till 1pm due to holiday.

WOW everything going against me, I thought better go home before something bad happen lol.

I get home and make some nice filter coffee and go onto balcony for a read and eat my breakfast.

Sitting back in the chair reading the paper and thinking arhhhhhh this is the life when bang bang whip whip lash lash sounds then dirt flowing onto my balcony into my coffee and food.
 I scream for F**K Sake. and lean out to find lady above shaking carpet and clothes over balcony I Tell her STOP it now.

Not A happy bunny today.

But I clean up come inside and my pets cheer me up. in fact my Lovebirds Dawn could sense something wrong and fly over and cuddle up into my neck and made some soothing whistles in my ear. so cute.

I feel so much better now.

The thing is its only 12.30 now I have to wonder what else will go wrong today.

Finger crossed Nothing....

Hope your day goes better.


Anonymous said...

Hello ~ ( ^ ^ ) I read your blog on JB with much deep interest. Yesterday I was so very demoralized by the negative blogs that I have read in the internet - that JB is a crime city ... I am from Singapore but plan to stay in JB with my husband later when we retire early. Just like your life style. It really frightened me with all the crime rates in Malaysia. Could you advise me on that please ? Thank you and I really am a fan of your blog :)


john foster said...

Hi and thanks for your comment its good to hear you are a reader, With regards to crime in JB.

Life no matter where you live will produce crime, JB gets bad press because some of the targets are from SG.

I have been here 6 years now and love it, I have not met any one yet i don't like. This in it's self does not say nothing is going on because i Know that one has to be careful where ever you go.

But to live in fear is not really living so just enjoy life and be careful, sometimes i will wait longer to get a better parking spot near the entrance etc, park in bright areas, and do most of my shopping during the daytime.

I dont go out drinking at night so I have no idea what life is like at night.

Live in a gated condo or landed property is better.

I know lots of Singapore people will be living in JB over the coming years as more and more housing development are being built. and the region itself being developed I think Johor Bahru will be a good place to live.

I am looking forward to the next 30 years here…

good luck regards John

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