Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lunch in the Tropics

I find that since moving out here to Malaysia from the UK, I don't eat as much as I used to  but what I do eat is more healthy for me.

Take today's lunch for instance nothing more than baked fish and salad, back home in the UK, I would have had lots of chips and about 6 slices of bread with it, two to three cups of tea, ( thats the brown stuff not the good Green tea I drink over here)

and also over here I eat lots more fruit for afters instead of hot chocolate pudding etc.(miss them thou). their is such a variety of fruits we are spoiled for choice.

Not Glamorous No. but when its what you like, it's as good as the most expensive meal you can get in a restaurant.

In fact one of my favorite meals is Egg Chips and Beans. or Sausage and Mash with heaps of onion gravy - so are they bad for you, well the truth is nothing is bad if you take it in moderation (food that is).

And of course here I got that fantastic view from my balcony 22 floors up, looking out over the city of Johor Bahru and onto Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,I'm a JB-rian and feel so honoured and glad that a mat salleh thinks JB is great!!.Enjoy your life here as much as I've enjoyed mine.

John J Foster said...

Thankyou Anon,

In so many ways JB has been like a welcome breeze on a still say.

I can get anything I want here, and what I can not I can pop over to Singapore.

But up to now Johor Bahru has everything I want, and more, the food here is fantastic and the people I just love they are so easy to chat to and not like Singapore everyone is to busy working, to chat.

Many thanks for your comments

John J Foster
JB converted lol.

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