Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Birds get Upgrade to their homes in Johor Bahru

I decided to upgrade the cages of my birds because Lovebirds are the best escape artist and this morning the mother lovebird, bid me good morning from the play area. itself was rather sweet really except for the fact that she should still be nice and relaxed in her cage not out and about.

They had been chewing and pulling at one bar and enough time it gave way then they did another and she managed to squeeze through. Very smart really but i don't want them to get caught by the cats.

I got them a new tall cage just right for lovebirds as they love to be up high, and together on their swing they look so sweet.

so this left their old cage (with good clean and disinfect) it was ready for the Budgie Shakespeare to get her new home. And very happy she is too. now she can fly about in it.

The big one also come with a wheel base for the cage to sit in and I can wheel them out for fresh air on the balcony with me in the mornings.

This is nice and tall with play pen at the bottom

Shakespeare in her new home, so happy she can fly around now.

This now good one of Dawn she was running to me.

Just how love birds should be in love and together like this kissing.

How sweet...

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